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Twitter’s other problem

May 6, 2017 9:26 am
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No, not the gangs of digital haters trolling everyone. I’m talking about Twitter ads: they are just terrible.

How is it that Twitter have the access to all my tweets and yet all I mostly see are ad’s for PPI or gambling? I literally never talk about that. I do not knowingly follow anybody that would allude to that being an interest of mine.

I talk about web, dev, design, tech, space and, currently, lamenting the state of politics. So for all the talk of how profiling and tracking are providing a richer, more relevant, advertising experience, I am staring at the evidence and the evidence is speaking to the contrary. Twitter is a company which should be able to reasonably infer a reasonable profile of my interests from my completed user profile and then my tweets. There should be enough context in my tweets to pull a list of keywords. Hell, I’ve done those tweet cloud things that do exactly that before. Fuck is usually my top word, but after that it gets tech heavy.

So assuming that it doesn’t profile me as some sex crazed maniac, I should see promotional adverts for, say, UX Conferences, software like Sketch, Litmus or Mailchimp, or subscription offers for The Guardian or NYT. But no, usually gormless looking chump telling me I could claim back the PPI I never bought into in the first place. I can’t imagine how bad the conversion rates are for these ads and I’ve got a relatively vivid imagination for terrible things.

Maybe Google are good at this stuff after all? At least on the open web I’m generally getting retargeted with contextually correct ad’s based on my previous browsing experience. Then again, I am sick of going on Youtube to be hit with a Wix ad. So they are targeting me correctly, but not correctly. I work in web, but have no need for a service like that.

I will note that this seems to be worse on desktop web Twitter than on mobile native Twitter. I have no idea why.

This joint was penned by @elmarko