Hi there.
I’m Mark, a UX designer /
front-end developer /
iOS developer.
Based in Leeds, Yorkshire.

Below is a selection of work I’ve been proud to be involved with.
If you think I can be of help to your organisation, please get in touch.

Arrangement of iPhones all showing screens of the app Community Assist

Community Assist is an app that allows people who may require assistance to request and receive from their own private, local, community.

Download on the App Store
An iPad and iPhone displaying the App Community Assist

The app’s Gutenberg block powered marketing site utilises the latest improvements to HTML5 and CSS to leverage the power of the users OS and provide a optimised alternative dark mode experience.

As well as providing better UX by remaining inline with a users viewing intention, this can also be beneficial to users with certain accessibility requirements

Community Assist marketing website in dark mode
Community Assist marketing website in light mode
  • Auto
  • Dark mode
  • Light mode
People splashing in the sea on the beach

A long running project which through iterative testing continuously improved conversions for the Asda Money financial services website.

Small details can have big consequences. In this example the original hamburger navigation (the control) was tested against a hybrid navigation system (the variant) which gave greater visibility to key products for mobile users.

shows the control used in test with hamburger navigation
Shows the variant image with a hybrid navigation
  • Auto
  • Control (A)
  • Variant (B)

The result?
Greater user engagement and higher start quotes on mobile for the variant

Control (A)
Variant (B)
+ 00,000
Conversion increase
Tuscan countryside

Sabrina had a dream to tell the world about the beauty of her home country. Now her site is receiving around 50k page views per month and her dream website is now becoming her dream business

A tablet, mobile and desktop device all showing the homepage for the website Love From Tuscany
Page views
0.00 mins
Average time on page
(Analytics data 1 May – 31 May 2020)
Leeds Rhinos team stood in stadium
Leeds Rhinos website shown on a mobile device

Front-end / WordPress theme and plugin development of the redesign of the Leeds Rhinos website

Leeds Rhinos website shown on a tablet device

And many more…

I have been fortunate enough throughout my career to work with a hugely diverse range of clients both in terms of size, industry and location.

From small, local start ups, to large multinational corporations, each one has helped me learn and develop over the years

a grid of logos showing the clients I've worked with

And so that’s me, in a nutshell. Seen something you like? May I suggest you invest in that interest and tap one of the buttons below, get some more info, and then hit me up for a chat an’ that? Until then, take it easy, peeps.

For the full lowdown on my career based shenanigans, you should download my CV

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