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I’m Mark, a UX designer,
Based in Leeds, Yorkshire.
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Below is a selection of UX and UI work I’ve been proud to be involved with.
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People splashing in the sea on the beach

A long running CRO project which through iterative testing continuously improved conversions for the Asda Money financial services website.

Small details can have big consequences. In this example the original hamburger navigation (the control) was tested against a hybrid navigation system (the variant). The variant gives greater visibility to key products for mobile users.

shows the control used in test with hamburger navigation
Shows the variant image with a hybrid navigation
  • Auto
  • Control (A)
  • Variant (B)

The result?
Greater user engagement and higher start quotes on mobile for the variant

Control (A)
Variant (B)

Heat map analysis of page reach showed an opportunity to provide a better UX for mobile users and give greater visibility to the breadth of products. So we reduced the home page promotional blocks from large containers to more of a slim cell style. This exposed more products on screen for the user at any given time.

A user on mobile is often more task focussed than on a desktop device. In part due to the smaller screen. As a result, visually condensing content, or hiding content initially in an accordion will help the user find what they are looking for without a lot of scrolling

  • Auto
  • Control
  • Variant

These successful tests and many more have lead to a huge conversion increase for the client.

+ 00,000
Conversion increase
Taken from Home Agency website data.
A football stadium

Now, anyone that knows me knows I’m not really a fan of the old Footly bally-bally. But a technical challenge? Why, that’s a hole in one to me! And that’s what this mobile specific rework of a promotional existing Flash game for desktop was.

bwin party game shots

The product was converted from a desktop experience to a touch-enabled football experience. Similar to the popular iPhone game, Flick Kick Football. Users were invited to play the game to receive an a free bet. After playing the bet amount received was dictated by the users score.

Creating an experience like this requires incredible attention to the assets served to the user. Now, 4G is commonplace. So it’s sometimes hard to imagine a time where we really had to be careful with the amount of data downloaded by the user to provide a good UX. 

Try the demo to see how this looked in practice.


  • Shoot left
Sprite sheets showing Manchester United players kicking a ball

The solution was inspired by the past. Informed by techniques and ideas that game developers had utilised back in the early days of console gaming.

Back in 2015, 4G latecomer Apple had launched the iPhone 5 with high speed LTE. But it was still relatively early days in terms of the ubiquity of 4G. 3G was really the baseline in speed to work to for users. So users regularly accessing the web by 2G speeds was still very much a reality. Compounding this, phones really weren’t as powerful then as they are now. Especially when we consider lower end models.

The real technical challenge for the team with this project came with how to match the desktops 1080p 25fps video file with alpha visuals. Because at that time devices couldn’t handle non-fullscreen video.

As a long time retro gaming, I’ve often admired the tricks that old game developers used to get more sound effects or graphics capability out of the limited systems available. And so the tactic became reducing these 1080p 25fps videos to the barest amount of frames necessary to convey accurate motion of the players at the highest quality available. Whether that was through reducing the frames per second. Or working out clever crops from the provided footage.


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Some doctors doing medical stuff

Medical Protection Society wanted to provide better value to their members. So through research and analysis we created a solution that helps busy medical professionals surface the content they need.

A mock up showing Medical Protection across a Mac, iPad and iPhone
Advanced search facilities on mobile

Valuable existing content meant working closely with SEO teams to ensure content just below the surface can always be found easily

advanced search facilities

So I can visually walk the UX walk, but can I literally talk the talk? Sure can. Hey, you ever wanted to learn about email marketing? No? Well, here’s your chance anyway.

And much more…

I have been fortunate enough throughout my career to work on UX and digital projects for a hugely diverse range of clients both in terms of size, industry and location.

From small, local start ups, to large multinational corporations, each one has helped me learn and develop over the years

a grid of logos showing the clients I've worked with

And so that’s me, in a nutshell. Seen something you like? May I suggest you invest in that interest and tap one of the buttons below, get some more info, and then hit me up for a chat an’ that? Until then, take it easy, peeps.

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