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Terminal commands I always forget

October 3, 2015 2:20 pm
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This ongoing list is more for me so I don’t have to keep searching for these, but if someone else ever finds this useful then I’ll feel like I did a little bit of good in the world for 5 minutes. Then I’ll go back to being my usual hideous self.

If you are new to terminal then the asterisks surrounding text should also be deleted when changing to your value

Regenerate ssh keys for when I get the REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED warning

ssh-keygen -R *hostname e.g.*

Remove a directory and all it’s siblings

sudo rm -r *folderName e.g. ~/folder or ~/"folder with spaces"*

Copy an image to an SD card

It’s easier just to link to this as it’s long, check on the raspberry pi site

For when I forget how to add pre-existing sites to git for Coda

Good git commands in general in here


Initialise the directory

git init

Add the files

git add .

Commit the files

git commit -m "First commit"

Push changes

git push -u origin master

Remove tracked files that have been deleted

git add -u
git commit -m "removing deleted files"

This joint was penned by @elmarko