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June 13, 2016 3:43 pm
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You want to know the real reason why people don’t scroll down a page? Why they don’t dive deeper than the fold?

Because what was above the fold wasn’t interesting/relevant/what these was looking for in the first place.

That’s it. That is what we base our decision to keep reading and, by extension whether we scroll, on.

That is why the hero area and what you put in that “above the fold” area is so important.

That is the only reason.

The ONLY reason.

If your users aren’t scrolling, look at the quality of your content that your users came to read before you start assigning blame to a users ability. It’s 2016 for gods sake, growth on the Internet of new users is slowing – mostly because everyone that doesn’t live in poverty already has the Internet – so unless your audience is comprised entirely of this trickle of users from developing nations experiencing the Internet for the very first time… Just give people a bit of credit, maybe do some user-testing? Definitely stop quoting shit from 1996 at me that even the author has retracted.

Remember modems from 1996 though? I still miss the sounds of my old 33kbs modem singing to me as it downloaded whatever crap I was looking at then.

This joint was penned by @elmarko