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Do I prefer qualitive or quantative data?

July 4, 2016 5:38 pm
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Talk about questions no one’s ever asked, here’s my thought on my own unasked question and do you know what? As a personal preference I prefer quantative data for my UX work. You can have as many focus groups as you like and I still won’t get the pure answer that you can see in quantity. Qualitive data is great for discovery, when you’ve been posed the question of how to fix a thing and you need to ground yourself in an awareness. But people are fickle, people are stupid and given an opportunity to moan, people will moan. People will join in, mob mentality an’ that. This colours you data pool and lends a possibility for error. If you are basing suppositions on this data I don’t want to know there is a danger for error.

But masses of data usually collected in isolation? That’s just unedited natural human behaviour. There is a purity to it and when you look at that data if you are looking for the answer to a question it’s very easy to spot. The problem often comes when the answer you are looking is the question.

So, in the end, I guess both are good. We need both. Phew, glad that’s settled. Spread the word, we’re keeping them both. I have no idea what I’m talking about any more.

This joint was penned by @elmarko