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A UX’y ecommerce cta thing

March 11, 2015 9:39 pm
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I was reading this article today:

TLDR: the way our eyes look at things, users see the terminal area or the bottom right corner of a rectangle/square the most. The diagram attached shows how we do this. It’s a familiar pattern; I instantly remember it from my DM days. That was where we put CTA’s on 2 page spreads an’ that as it converted better.
Anyways, was just perusing the apple site and noticed their product pages now have a persistent window footer with the CTA in the terminal area. I assume the CTA would be appropriately coloured in blue or similar if the button was clickable. At this time the page is a kind of a marquee landing page, the other Macs don’t seem to share the same style product page according to my quick few clicks around.
Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 21.18.35
Interesting idea and wouldn’t have thought twice about it if I hadn’t just read that article this morning. This could be a very good UX pattern to nick. We did a persistent top bar CTA for the last two commerce things I’ve done but that was at the top of the page and I can’t remember whether they made it past my wires. But it is true for me. I do see that CTA down there more than I look back up at the top of the page.

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